Summit testimonials

Past attendees give their views on the Summit

"I would like to acknowledge dmg events’ organizing team, conference chair and speakers of the 2023 edition of the World LNG Summit & Awards. Once again, this conference lived up to a long-standing track record in terms of industry attendance, relevance of agenda, quality networking and seamless organization. A great annual rendezvous to reflect on the year and plan for the next!"

"Excellent event with esteemed speakers and visitors. It is one of the best gatherings for the gas industry."

"World LNG Summit & Awards is a great moment of the year when the leaders of the LNG business gather and share views on the future of the industry."

"This is one of my favourite LNG events of the year and it comes always at year-end, therefore it is a great wrap-up of what happened in the past year, what are we looking forward to in the coming year and it is also a great year-end event to catch up with people before the holidays"

"Very informative and interesting."

"As ever, World LNG Summit & Awards was excellent in all aspects"

"Excellent event - great industry collaboration!"

"The World LNG Summit & Awards is my go-to platform for valuable insights from industry leaders on topical issues shaping the future of LNG. I enjoy ample opportunities for connecting with industry players and enlarging my network in the industry."

"Great event with good chances to meet old friends, colleagues and potential partners and clients."

"World LNG Summit is a must attend event for anyone willing to learn about market trends, role of methane in the energy transition as well as opportunities to meet and mentor the new generation."

"A great event bringing together the LNG market makers to shed light in the dynamics and prospects of the industry, building confidence to this future proof commodity with highly sustainable, reliable, and technically proven credentials."

"I have been participating for quite some time in this Summit, I think it is a very well-organised and well attended event, always. It is a pleasure to have the Summit in Greece again. For us it is very important to be here and to welcome all our guests and customers in Greece. Networking is also a big part for us: meeting people and hearing interesting opinions that we would not have heard otherwise in a neutral environment. "

"Great event."

"Excellent venue for networking."

"Attending the World LNG Summit & Awards 2023 was indeed an awesome learning experience and opportunity to network with a global blend of stakeholders in the LNG industry."

"I am proud to be at the World LNG Summit & Awards, as it features an incredibly important set of meetings. Because this is where a lot of US industry in this important field comes together to be a responsible part of solving global problems."

"As usual, with this Conference in particular, as it comes towards the end of the year, I look forward to recapping the year, catching up with very close friends and colleagues and continue to form the foundation for decades and decades to come for joint success in this business."

"I am most looking forward to learning at this year’s World LNG Summit & Awards. Every time I attend this Summit, I am humbled by how much I do not know and how much I can learn from others and from the sessions - the interactions and networking with other people, as well."

"It is great that the Summit takes place in Athens for a second time in a row. It is a unique opportunity to be able to liaise with global gas and LNG leaders, to understand the worldwide perspective, […] the trends, to understand where the industry goes: the shipping industry, LNG industry. It was very enlightening and, of course, an opportunity to discuss and meet with industry leaders. It is a great event."

"I am looking forward to meeting the top people of the industry, creating a dialogue with them, comforting them about our own capacities, as well as the capacity of the entire industry to be up to the challenge. "

"I am pleased to be part of the World LNG Summit & Awards, where the entire value chain is present and will help deliver on the European ambition. The conclusions of this Summit are extremely important in order to create a pathway for a decarbonised world."

"I have been coming to the Summit for years and always look forward to speaking to the usual players in the LNG industry and see if their perspectives have changed."

"During my participation for the second year in a row, I have noticed that the World LNG Summit & Awards brings together much more stake holders in one and the same place, where we can share some thoughts and discuss all these challenges which we are facing, putting us in the position to contribute to the economic, financial and infrastructural processes, to be in a position to increase and to bring the LNG role much more in the region and broader."

"What I am looking forward to the most about this year’s World LNG Summit & Awards is listening to the panels. It is a really great gathering of senior level people in the industry, and it is really great to hear the different opinions and the different points of view across the world and across different sectors in the industry."

"The Summit this year has been, once again, of the highest quality. We have had some great panels, some tremendous exchanges of information. This year, because of the inherent optimism in the industry, we have actually reached a new level of understanding across the board, between owners, clients and providers, like our contracting community."

I would like to acknowledge DMG's organizing team, Chairs and Speakers for having once again in this 2023 edition of the World LNG Summit & Awards lived up to this Conference's long standing track record in terms of Industry attendance, relevance of agenda, quality networking and seamless organization. A great annual rendezvous to reflect on the year and plan for the next!

Great conference and networking opportunity - World LNG Summit & Awards really hits and discusses the key issues facing the LNG industry today.

As always, World LNG Summit & Awards is a very good finish of the year!