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In December 2019 when we met at the World LNG Summit in Rome, the Europe Panel discussed the “Role of Europe as a Sink for Global LNG”. Who would have predicted how different the world would be 3 months later?

We are now facing a “Black Swan Event” which will impact our business for years to come. In this webinar we are reconvening some of the 2019 panel members to discuss the key issues facing Europe. Even though Europe has become ‘the sink’ for global LNG, is it now full?

What will happen next? Some of the issues we will address in the fascinating webinar will include:

  • How to address low European gas demand and how quickly can we see the pace of recovery
  • In a world of abundant supply (pipeline gas and LNG), what is the role of LNG in Europe?
  • How important is European gas storage, with current levels so full?
  • With oil prices rising from $20 to 35//bbl., when will we see European gas prices increase?

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