9 December 2024


A popular feature of the World LNG Summit & Awards, the Masterclasses provide direct access to the latest insights and perspectives from industry experts on the topics that matter today.

Fully CPD accredited, the sessions will arm you with the necessary tools to apply to your day job and shape your business strategy going forward whilst also starting your networking early.

Masterclass A | What are the long-term prospects for LNG?


  • The global LNG market in 2024 and 2025
  • What can we expect for LNG supply, demand, and prices in 2025?
  • FIDs on new liquefaction capacity in 2025 and outlook for 2026
  • Forecast LNG supply and demand 2025 to 2050
  • What will LNG’s role be in the path to net-zero?
  • Will price pressures ease as new liquefaction projects come onstream?
  • How much new liquefaction capacity is required over the 2020s and how much will be built?
  • Which markets the be the sources of demand growth?
  • Which countries will start to import LNG and how much LNG will they need?
  • How are LNG trade flows changing and what is the outlook for spot and short-term trading?


        Masterclass Leader 
        Andy Flower, Independent Consultant, Flower LNG

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Masterclass B | Strategic & commercial implications of GHG emissions intensity for power generation


  • Evaluating energy supply through the lens of GHG emissions intensity
  • Accurately measuring emissions across fuel supply chains for both CO2 and CH4
  • New technologies enabling emissions measurement by natural gas producers and consumers at a systemic level
  • Building a long-term framework to benchmark LNG against pipeline gas and coal in the world's top markets
  • Implications for natural gas and LNG trade and pricing
  • Strategic considerations for Natural Gas and LNG buyers and sellers


        Masterclass Leader
        Christopher Goncalves, Chair & Managing Director, BRG Energy & Climate


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