Carbon Markets Forum

29 November | 14:00-18:00

Demand for cleaner LNG is growing rapidly, with the carbon footprint of LNG cargoes set to become an important differentiator for buyers and sellers alike. Join us for the first annual forum dedicated to bringing together the environmental products and LNG traders driving decarbonisation of global gas through efficient markets.

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Session 1 -

LNG as a Transition Fuel – the Role of Trading in Achieving Net Zero

• Overview of carbon markets and the role of carbon pricing in the energy transition
• What are the implications of new regulations to decarbonise the international shipping market?
• How do we align decarbonisation with energy poverty alleviation goals?
• Verified Carbon Markets: What are the challenges to scaling up the voluntary market?
• How are high energy prices impacting demand for carbon offset LNG?
• How are US producers meeting the requirements for cleaner fuels in Europe?

Session 2 -

The Evolution of Carbon Markets and Building an Effective Carbon Portfolio

• Verified vs. Compliance Carbon Markets – who, how and where do they trade them
• What determines the quality of carbon credit?
• How do you build a carbon portfolio?
• What are the main carbon indices emerging?
• Is carbon an asset class?
• How will carbon trading and LNG trading intersect in the future?
• Where does the Paris Agreement and Sovereign Carbon fit?

Session 3 -

Networking Roundtable Discussions

Join your colleagues to discuss the key issues around trading LNG and Carbon Credits over a drink. There will be three rotations within the session, allowing delegates to spend 20 minutes on any one topic.

Roundtable 1:

How is carbon priced and traded?

Roundtable 2:

What are the regulatory changes in carbon markets that stand to effect LNG trade economics?

Roundtable 3:

Is using carbon credits greenwashing?

Roundtable 4:

Will we see lower carbon LNG trading at a premium to uncertified cargoes in the future and if so, how soon?

“LNG traders know decarbonisation will require constant innovation and the use of high quality carbon offsets but the market is complex and fragmented. Dialogue, collaboration and technology will be key to ensuring a sustained place for LNG in a low carbon economy. We thank the World LNG Summit for providing the ideal forum to drive change and make a positive contribution to the world’s climate targets.”

Founder & CEO Emstream & Emsurge
Member, Taskforce for Scaling Voluntary Carbon Markets

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