Carbon Markets Forum

29th November | 14:00-18:00

Demand for cleaner LNG is growing rapidly, with the carbon footprint of LNG cargoes set to become an important differerentiator for buyers and sellers alike. Join us for the first annual forum dedicated to bringing together the environmental products and LNG traders driving decarbonisation of global gas through efficient markets.

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Session 1 -

Ambition: Trade Cleaner LNG

  • Understanding terminology: What is low carbon
    LNG vs carbon offset LNG vs GHG neutral LNG?
  • What can companies throughout the LNG chain
    do, to help decarbonise energy faster?
  • Getting Measurement, Verification &
    Reporting right
  • Implications of carbon taxes, and a changing
    regulatory landscape on trading LNG
  • When does methane certification matter?
  • New trends in contracting for low carbon LNG
  • Building a low carbon LNG trading portfolio
    and managing ESG risks

Session 2 -

Implementation: The Role Of Environmental Product Markets In LNG Trading

  • What are Environmental Products, who is using
    them and where do they trade?
  • Voluntary vs. Compliance Carbon Markets
  • What determines a quality carbon credit?
  • How do you ensure your carbon credits have
    climate impact?
  • What are the other types of ESG credits LNG
    market participants are investing in?
  • Is carbon pricing becoming more mainstream?
  • Should methane certificates be traded in addition
    to carbon credits? Is one more important than
    the other?

Session 3 -

Acceleration: Reach Net Zero Faster

Roundtables: Join your colleagues to discuss the key issues around trading carbon neutral LNG over a drink. Topics to include

Roundtable 1:

What is the emerging industry consensus on the use of offsets?

Roundtable 2:

Should carbon and methane credits be packaged with LNG or bought further downstream?

Roundtable 3:

How do we avoid destroying liquidity and margins in LNG trading?

Roundtable 4:

Where is innovation happening and required to trade low carbon LNG?

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“LNG traders know decarbonisation will require constant innovation and the use of high quality carbon offsets but the market is complex and fragmented. Dialogue, collaboration and technology will be key to ensuring a sustained place for LNG in a low carbon economy. We thank the World LNG Summit for providing the ideal forum to drive change and make a positive contribution to the world’s climate targets.”

Founder & CEO Emstream & Emsurge
Member, Taskforce for Scaling Voluntary Carbon Markets

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